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First Dinner Party

It has taken forever to get our house sorted, and there is still a lot of work to be done, but we finally had our first dinner guests this weekend.



Our giant radio


Swedish star light and painting by Dougal Graham



The chair was my best find from the Brighton flea market


More great artwork from friends


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H&M Goes Home

I love this installation in the Stockholm Head Offices of H&M by UXUS, a group of designers from Amsterdam. It is for H&M Home, which looks very promising; it looks a lot more exciting than Zara Home, and feels a lot more “designed”. I have no idea when the home collection will arrive in Canada, if ever, but right now it is available in Sweden. Sweden is a mecca for modern interior design, even the most basic of homes look like an Ikea catalogue, in a really good way. The Swedes are just born with great design sense, something I will probably talk about over and over again in this blog.

From UXUS:

“UXUS followed up the Home Reflections presentation with “Interaction”, an installation celebrating H&M Home’s transition from an online and catalogue retailer, to a physical showroom where one can indulge all the senses, especially touch.”

Imagine walking into work every day and seeing this before you head to your desk!

I read about this first on Dezeen, one of the best design blogs.








Images courtesy of H&M.

(By the way, anyone toying with the idea of getting a job at H&M, I heard they are a fantastic company to work for, but they do all sorts of creepy profiling interviews. They also expect all designers to start at the bottom, whether you have 6 months experience or ten years. Probably the reason why I am not living in Stockholm right now.)

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Great Functional Design

I knew I had officially become an adult on the day that my husband and I decided not to go out with friends on a saturday night, and spend the money on a Dyson vacuum cleaner instead. We never regretted it, but still mourn the fact that we had to leave it in England.

I love Dyson, because it combines great design and functionality, which is often hard to do. And I am very excited about their new bladeless fan, even though I probably won’t buy one (I’m saving up for the Animal upright vacuum cleaner.) There aren’t many brands that can get me excited about a fan, but this one certainly does. If only shoe design could be more like this, imagine an amazing pair of heels that you can run around in.

Dyson's New Bladeless Fan

Dyson's New Bladeless Fan

This is how normal fans work (they "buffet" air)

This is how normal fans work (they "buffet" air)

This is when the air isn't "buffeted"

This is when the air isn't "buffeted"

Here is how the Dyson fan works. If only all technology were this straightforward.

Here is how the Dyson fan works. If only all technology were this straightforward.

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